The Perfect Golf Swing – The Key To A Good Swing


Every golf swing is unique. A golf swing can be done in many ways. It consists of a back swing, down swing, threw swing. The golf swing can be steep, slow, fast, short etc.

These different combinations are endless and that’s what makes every swing unique.

The key to a good golf swing

The key to a good swing is to be constant and that the swing is balanced and with good rhythm. A balanced swing is the key and to do the same movement over and over.

Examples of good golf swings you will find in the videos below. Golf swings from the best golfers in the world. Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, Henrik Stenson, Adam Scott and Jim Furyk. Take a close look at Jim Furyks swing. The loop in the top of his swing make it look like an amature swing but his tempo, movement and balance makes him to be one of the top golfers in the world.

Different golf balls for different swings

Some balls fit for different swings. You should choose the ball from swing and game type. It’s not the speed in the swing that’s the deciding factor that many think, its how much spin you put on the ball. If you want to know which ball to choose read my blog: Best Golf Balls


At last i want to show you a video that will help you how to do a good swing. Enjoy!

If you have any questions i will be happy to answer them below 🙂