How to Become A Better Golfer – 10 Inspiring tips.

When the golf season finally starts its easy to read how easy its is to become a better golfer. The tips are many and sometimes very different. Then its easy to lose focus, that’s why I have collected my top 10 tips and advice how to improve your game.

To become a better golfer means different to different people and that’s why I want to clarify some examples what I think it means to become a better golfer.


  1. Increase the number of ball strikes and decrease the number of putts
  2. Get the ball in the hole that will give you points/ hole
  3. Take your bad shots and move on and realize that professionals also make bad shots.
  4. Learn to do the same rutin every time before a shot.
  5. Know how long you hit with your clubs
  6. Increase the number of fairway shots under a round
  7. Start to have fun and enjoy your golf rounds
  8. Learn to deal with your team-mate, regardless of their personality
  9. Learn a technique that will make you calm. For example, deep breath or meditation
  10. Write 10 things you have done well

 Ready ? Here comes my 10 top tips to succeed with the above.

1. Determine what you want to achieve this season- what is your wish within golf? Do you want to lower your handicap? Do you want to win the first time?

In that case, which competition and what date? Yes you understand.. The goal should be specific and clear, it should feel good in your heart when you think about it. There should be a time attached to the goal, and it must be specific. Give 15- 30 min to what you want to achieve.

2. Do a Check “Each year I learn to play golf again” Said Ben Hogan a long time ago. With that he means that each year he goes through the basics in his swing, aim. Line-up and that balance was in order. To increase your fairway shots and ball strikes you should goes through this. Contact your favorite coach and inspect yourself!
3. Go through your equipment – How does your grips looks like? They should be clean that you don’t lose grip. If they do, your coach can change them. Further on its good to check that you have all the clubs you need. You should have a club that covers every 10 yards when you play. A full set would be a SW, a Gap-wedge, and a PW then a I6 to I9, then up to I4 and I5. After that you can build on with hybrids and wood clubs that you like.

Go through your shots from green to tee. Which shots do you need to get the ball in the hole in 2 points?

Start from green and goes through the shots you need, from putt, to chip, pitch, bunker. What’s shots do you need to practice? Do you know which club you need to get the ball where you want. Get help from a friend and go out to play, test and analyze your game.

Maybe you can see that you often miss fairway to the right, then you can take a lesson to see how your shots can be straighter. Or you will see that you have 3 or more putts on the green ( it should be 2 or less) Then its good to practice your short game, to get closer to the stick.


5. Learn to find the calm when you need it. To have a rut in before each shot will give you security and calm on the course. If don’t have a rut in, you should get one. Try to get three breaths in to your rut in which will help to get more oxygen in to your brain, thereby give you more focus.


6. Work with your posture- To train your posture helps you to get a better line-up on the course even up to the 18th hole. And you will get a better posture in your everyday life!

Check this video! To get a better posture.


7. Eat the right food- To be a better golfer you need to eat right before and after the round. The tip is to keep the blood sugar level even that you will not lose concentration and energy.

To keep your blood sugar even you can eat oatmeal, proteins (egg) and a green smoothie in the morning.


And then take your favorite sandwich with you that is made of dark bread. Fill the bag with a water bottle and a small bag with nuts, raisins or some dark chocolate. Often Eat about every 3rd hole, but just a little. This will make you alert all the way to the 18th hole.

8. Meditate – Strong nerves and calm in your mind! There is research on how meditation effects your brain and how it can give serenity. It only takes 10 minutes per day. Check out this clip Ted Talk with Andy Puddicombe ” all it takes is 10 mindful minutes”


I’m convinced that this is the one of the keys to become a better golfer, when the brain is calm. And through this it will be easier to deal with your successes and setbacks on and off the course.

9. To be inspired! Is there anybody that can inspire you to reach your goals with golf. Find a role model and gladly read a book or inspiring blog that will motivate you and inspire you. Here is tips on few books. Bob Rotellas “Golf is not a game of perfect” “Little Red Book” by Harvey Penick “Golf in the Kingdom” by Michael Murphy.

A good inspiring golf blog you already have 😉


10. Write 10 things you have done well after every round in a notebook that you keep in your bag. Continue with this rest of the season.

At least! Feel free to ask me any questions about golf and I will do my best to answer them! 🙂

I Wish you a Great Season !

/ Daniel