How To Hit Your Driver Farther

Do you belong to them who wants to hit longer with your driver?

In that case I have four very valuable tips to increase the distance without loosing control and  direction of the ball.

Why you don’t hit long with your driver

Before I will go on to the tips how to hit longer I need to clarify why your driver hits don’t go as far as they can.

Two of the reasons you hit short with the driver.

1. The club angle to the ball is to steap. In other words you are “hitting the ball” instead of “up”

If you imagine that you are in the garden watering the flowers and the whose is too short to reach.


Depending on the starting angle for the ball to fly as far as possible with your swing speed.

2. Your sweet spot is outside-in, that will make you “cut the ball” that creates to much spin and therefore a slice that makes the ball go shorter



4 tips that will help you hit longer with your driver


1 (Ball position)

When you hit on the way up, you want to hit the ball after the club has passed the lowest point in the swing.

And where the lowest point is, depends on how wide you are standing, and how much you move sideways.

If you stand with 50/50 between right and left foot, the weight without leaning your upper body, and swing centered, the lowest point will be in the middle of your stand.

if you lean forward your lowest point moves forward. So the target is to hit the ball on its way up with how you peg the ball in front of your lowest point. For most of the people, it will be a line with the inside of your foot under the front shoulder.

Try your way by moving the ball position forward and full swing with 50 % force that you will have better control .Increase the power when you found your optimal ball position.

2 (Swing track) 

Because the shaft on a driver is longer than the other clubs, the ball will come longer from you. Which gives a natural flat swing plan; the club don’t travel as steap against the ball, like it would with an iron 9.

What many golfers do, and why they hit short with the driver, is that they swing the driver the same as with the short clubs. Because they start the swing with a rotation instead of a weight displacement, it will be a steeper angle of incidence and loft that already is too low (10-13%) gets less loft onset and the direction of the club in the hit of the moment outside in instead of inside out which will put more screw on the ball.

Both these things opposes a high and long trajectory with the driver. So swing your driver in a flat position.


3 Visualization  

Something that many underestimates and often forgets is when they want to change a swing movement.

It’s the mental meaning in the process. A movement repeatedly x number of times been accepted as standard in your inside, and if you want to change that movement with another, you will need to accept the new movement and then see the outcome.

Do like this: Stand behind the ball as if you would put a benchmark on where the ball should land, close your eyes and take a deep breath and see yourself go threw the ball, take your stand, grip the club and carry the swing like you want it.

Then look at the trajectory where the ball shape in to a beautiful high draw and the ball leaves a track in the air similar to an airplane on a blue sky, with sound, with feelings, the more positive effect it will have when you are actually doing the swing.

This movement works best directly after you visualized it, but you can also do it in your couch or lying in the bed and get great benefits from it.

4. (Ball start)

When you learned where your ball position are, and you have found the right movement that you get in a flatter swing plan, and in a swing track that is inside out, as well as your visualization is taking shape, its time to create another workstation.

This will give you another way how to make the ball to fly and create a high draw which will give you more length.

You will need an empty 3 packs on the goal line, and a term stick.

Peg up the ball and put an empty 3 packs on the goal line, 1 feet in front of the ball. The point is to create an obstacle that you have to hit the ball over, and only way to do it is to hit the ball on its way up; after the lowest point in the swing.

Then put a term stick 6 feet in front of the ball on the goal line. This marks a straight ball start, and the goal is to start the ball on the right side of the stick. When you succeed with this, you have swung inside out.

😁 Funny Video

Try this 4 tips and return and tell me how it helped you in the comment box below 🙂