Golf Approach Shot Tips – 3 Shots you should know

Here I have chosen three different shots that I see many golfers having problems with. These three shots can cost a lot if you don’t master them. To know the difference in ball placement and line-up and to practice them first, before taking them to the course

There are basic qualities in a golf swing that is required to make these shots. I would like to say that you can develop your own technique by training on these.

If you have any problem, it probably will reveal lack in your technique.

Drop and stop

Drop and stop is an effective shot when you want to stop the ball quickly. Take your 56 degree club (wedge) with a loose grip and swing lower than you have to. Swing in a low tempo that your club catches up before your hands at the strike and finish with light hands.

This will give more loft and softer trajectory.

To think about: Long and slow swing, Loose grip, High hands at the end.

Test: Put 10 balls around and outside the green and see if u can get the balls inside of 6 feet. 7 out 0f 10 is national team level. (in Sweden)

Chip-roll + 15 yards

The long chip-roll is when the choice of club and retained loft is the key to success. The club and loft you chose for the line-up, should be retained when you lift the ball. To easier learn how the ball behaves on the green, do like this: Set up a stick a-lined with your club, but 8 inches in front. Try to have the same angle when u chip.

To think about: Ball in the middle of your stance, Your spine in the stroke direction, Passive hands. Chip with I7 I8 or I9. 


Test: Hit 10 chips from 15+ yards. How many can you hit inside the 2 yard line. 8 out of 10 is national team level. (in Sweden)

Wind shot (see video) 

When you do the wind shot, its important to get a low trajectory with less spin to the ball. To get a low trajectory you go two clubs up more than you should at this distance. Grip the club and swing easily. After the strike, be careful that the club head is lower than your hands, and that you let your elbows bend and take away the up going speed.

Let the loft decide the height. Brush!

To think about: Take two clubs up, Grip low on the club, Ball in the middle of the stance, Swing easily.

Test: Stand in head wind and hit with full swing. Then go up two clubs and do as above and see what will happen with the trajectory.


Hope you learned something new and if you have any questions i will be happy answer them below 🙂