Best golf clubs for beginners


  Golf clubs for beginners

The first thing all beginners should do is to get a set of good clubs.

 Its often hard to know as a new golfer how to  know which clubs to have and there are many pitfalls.

  But you can remain calm. Here is a guide how to think and valuable tips for you that are looking for equipment.


 What clubs should i use?

As a beginner you probably heard long technical terms and advanced brand names of different golf clubs.This can be perceived as very confusing, with all right. 

Then its also good to now that you can get rid of all that right away. Forget all about advanced names and characteristics. 

There is only 3 things you should think about, before you start your search for beginners golf clubs.


1. Sweetspot

This is the clubs face. This should be bigger on begginners golfclubs, and you shall look for clubs that are overzized. It will say on them

2. Shaft

The stiffness depending on how fast you swing the club. And it is not always easy to know as a beginner.

There is 3 degree of stiffness. Stif Flex, Regular Flex and Light Flex. Stiff is hardest and are made for high swingspeed. Light is softer and for lower swing speed. 

For beginners Regular Flex is the club 9 times out of 10. Are you over 60 i would recommend to try Light Flex. 


3.Club lenght 

Its kind of obvious.. You cant have the same lenght as someone who is 5,2 and someone who is 6,5. But at the same time, the range is not pretty big, and if you are in normal lenght, the standard lenght should work just fine.


Its important to realise that you need to start somewere to identify what works for you and what game you play. As a beginner the set shown down is a good start.

There are those who choose to play with a half- set that also is a good idea when you just started and want to get a hang of it. 


A good set of clubs 

1. Putter

Ironclubs nr: 3,5,7,9 alternative 2,4,6,8

Woodclubs : 3 and 5

Sandwedge + Pitching Wedge


If you have any questions i will be happy to answer them below ­čÖé