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Which Golf ball suits you?

The Golf ball is the only thing in our equipment that t are used in every shot. It is very important to find a ball that suits you, for your swing. My goal is to teach you which ball to choose.

The Golf ball went from being an almost spherical, smooth wooden ball, that wouldn’t fly that far, to the ball we have today is almost classed as a science project.


It has happened a lot the last 10 years. Its been a mix of qualities, material and have given relatively longer distances with time. There is not any noticeable difference in length.

Today you will notice the difference in Spin, Compression and feel.


How do we find the perfect Golf ball just for you?

The popular methods with Trackman, Flightscope and long drives are absolutely interesting.

In my opinion and others in the branch, there are other ways that are absolutely better for just what YOU need.

We start with asking questions like:


What’s you swing speed?


How far do you hit?


What is your Handicap?


Which style do you have?


What do you want the ball to bring you Game?


Do you prefer Soft or Hard Golf balls?


Do you want a lot of Spin or not?


The first step is to find a good alternative to balls that fits you, and then the only thing that remains is that you go out and try.


This is how you find you favorite ball



Handicap 21 and higher:

With a perfect ball strike in every hit, the most golf balls behave well. If you can’t, then it’s a good to have a “forgiving” ball.

In this handicap group we are trying to find a ball that is forgiving, spin less and have a high ball start and flight.

Here I am listing the balls that will give you maximum feel and length at lower swing speeds.

Swing speed:

Swing speed: under 80 mph

Length with Driver under 185 yd

Average length Iron 7 under 131 yd


Soft golf balls:                                            


Distance golf balls:




Handicap 9 – 20

Lower swing speed:

Swing speed: under 95 mph

Length with driver under 235 yd

average length with iron 7 153 yd


High Swingspeed:

Handicap 9-15:

This is the category for us that are on the way down in our handicap, but still want relatively forgiving balls, with that extra feel around the green. Balls that im listing here reminds on the long play with the regular premium balls, that gives a good combo of spin, feel and length.

The difference is that these balls has an outer shell of urethane, exactly same shell that so rounds the tour balls. This makes that the ball gets a really nice spin on the green.

Swing speed:

Over 95 mph

Lenght with driver: over 235 yd

average length with iron 7: over 153 yd


Handicap 8 and lower:

To come to this category, it takes many fairway shots, short game and putting. Lengths of the shots is not a problem to a golfer in this category, so we are looking for a ball that will give maximum control. A boll that we can hit different trajectories with, a ball that fits with many types of strikes. That the ball spins and stays on the green is also a demand.

Balls in this category, are the finest and most expensive the makers offers to the market. All the balls have an outer shell of urethane. The makers often makes two of the same tour ball. One with high spin and one with combined spin.

Lower swing speed:

Over 105 mph

Lenght with driver : over 235 yd

Average length with driver: over 153 yd

Combined spin:


High spinning golf balls

Bridgestone Tour B330-RXS (2016)

Titleist Pro V1 (2013/2015) *                              

Science of the golf ball video

Tour golf balls

The most advanced golf balls on the market. It has a construction that are made in different layers and has a shell from urethane. The tour balls primary feature is to generate a lot of spin. A really good golf player wants a lot of spin to be able to control the ball trajectory.

A lot of spin combined with the soft urethane will make it stop quickly on the green. These balls are not forgiving, so they are recommended to the somewhat better golfer. Popular balls in this category: Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Chrome Soft, Taylor Made TP5.


Distance golf balls

For you that wants your shots to go farther, more straight and longer distance. The distance ball gives a low spin.

If you have a problem with a slice or a hook, this is the ball for you. Many years ago these balls was hard as rock, but now they are soft and gives a nice feel around the green. The distance ball has an outer shell of Lonomer, Surlyn.

Popular balls in this category: Titleist Velocity, Taylor Made Rocket Ballz, Callaway War Bird Plus


Premium golf balls

The perfect ball designed for amature players. The design has a allround combo of spin, feel and length. Premium balls reminds on the tour ball in its construction, exept the outer shell. It dosnt give the same spin on the green like the tour balls soft urethane shell.Popular balls in this category: Titleist NXT tour, Bridgestone E6 Soft, Callaway HX Diablo tour

Soft golf balls

When you speak about soft balls you mean that the ball has a big soft core and low compression, gives golfers with low swing speed the possibility to compress the ball. It results in a much more forgiving feel when you hit the ball. These balls are more easily played and

Popular balls in this category: Pinnacle Lady, Callaway Supersoft, Wilson Dx2 Soft, Srixon Soft Feel.


The golf ball is a science and there is a djungel of different types of balls. I hope i helped you to which ball to choose and the cheapest place to buy them 

If you have any questions i will be happy to answer them below 🙂

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