About Daniel

Hi everyone welcome to My-Swing.com website. Golf has been a passion of mine since I was 10 years old. I was born 1981 in Sweden. Over the years purchased numerous products in the golf world to try improve my skill sets. I hope i can give you inspiration and insight and help you to become a better golfer.


A Little Story About my Golfing Life.

It started when i was 10 Years old. My father thought i was strong enough and i started to caddy for him, then i caddy others. After a while i started to play my self. It felt natural to go this way.

I always found joy in this sport because you meet people with the same passion. I also learned how to be quiet and considerate. Its a big part of the sport to not show your emotions even if your mad and disapointed inside. I never broke a club myself, not yet atleast 😉

Golf felt natural for me, it was a game! I remember when i was i child that i was in the back of my garden practise my chipping. i chipped over the hedge on to a trellis and then straigt threw the window, making a perfect hole, landing in the livingroom. My father was sitting inside with a friend when they saw the ball hitting a painting. It i never happend again!

Golf is the best when you feel good inside and its a early morning playing a match with your buddys. The fall is the best time of the year to play i think, because the summer has been dry and now the dew started to come. the air is good and clear.

The best courses i played is in Britain on their beautiful legendary golf courses full of history. But also in Sweden were we have very beautiful nature and its very calm. I would recomend you to come here to play golf but also see this country. the nature is similar to north of North America.


My Top 8 Golfers of All time

1. Harry Vardon

2. Peter Thompson

3. Bobby Jones

4. Ben Hogan

5. Jack Niklaus

6.Arnold Palmer

7. Sam Neill (the genius)

8. Seve Ballesteros


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